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These days reaching Koh Tao.


Koh Phangan. Koh Tao's reputation spread and rapidly increased as it widely became known all over world through international travellers and adventurous visitors.

Koh Tao. A culture shock to many, but generally the island reacted with a passion to these new visitors, over the following months much change has taken place, new resorts, with more facilities, a new array of eating establishments offering cuisine from around the world. During the last 11 odd years the island has changed in many ways as it developed to become one of the largest dive destinations in Thailand, bringing all levels of divers and water lovers alike. Ko Taohas unnumbered beautiful beachesand coves.

Koh Toa and a petite piece of turtles and relaxed or Local fishermen and farmers realised that business people from other places were developing their island to accommodate to the needs of all these new customers and they too, immediately started to open their own businesses to fulfill all the clienteles demands. Koh Tao consists of a tropical paradisewith many swaying palms and green turquoise waters. On June the 18th 1899, His Majesty the King Chulalongkorn (Rama 5 1868-1910) visited KoTao and left his monogram as evidence on a huge rock at Jor Por Ror Bay near Sairee Beach.