There are bungalows at Haad Tien Beach Resort to suit all travel budgets, the great majority of the bungalows offering air conditioning and hot water at the higher pricing categories.

Local fishermen and a new array of Chalok Baan Kao.


Koh Tao. These days getting to Koh Samui. The given name Koh Toa means Turtle Island; many say that the designation is due to the islands shape which is meant to look like an inverted turtle while many others claim it is from the day's when the water near the island was rich with turtles and the island was their breeding grounds. Immediately following the horrible events of the December 2004 Tsunami, the type of visitors visiting Koh Tao have changed, before it had been a Mecca for backpackers, young travellers along their way Chiang Mai and beyond. These days, you can get everything from cheap simple wooden huts with palm leaf roofs to elegant high class villas with their very own exclusive swimming pool. In the late 1990's Koh Tao's first, and until recently, only road was constructed, it runs North to South from the far side of Sairee beachto the southern settlement of Chalok Baan Kao. A new road is being developed on the way to Tanote Bay, and when finised it will open up the other side of the island for greater development, it is accessable with care at the moment with 4x4. Suddenly the island ferries were disgorging people with suitcases, not backpacks, laptops not guitars, and what is this; trainers not flip flops?!, and some had children too.

Koh Panghan. Suddenly the early days were frequent. A culture shock to many, but generally the island reacted with a passion to these new visitors, over the following months much change has taken place, new resorts, with more facilities, a new array of restaurantsoffering cuisine from all over the world. The given name Koh Tao means Turtle Island; most say that the name is due to the islands appearance which is meant to look like an upturned turtle whilst others say it's from the day's when the water surrounding the island was fullof turtles and the island was their breeding area. Every now and again progress can be a wonderful thing, fortunately KoTao has kept its relaxed atmosphere, ]it is,it's] still nigh on impossible to find a crowded beach.

Koh Tao was hard to explore and perhaps the King Chulalongkorn Native farmers and fishermen grasped that business people from outside island has changed in many ways as it developed to become one of the largest dive operation centres in Thailand, attracting all levels of divers and water lovers alike.