Haad Tien Beach Resort is situated in the lovely island of Koh Phangan, an island surrounded by sensational palm tree lined beaches with impressive tropical jungles, formidable waterfalls and breath taking hill side sunset views.

A huge variety of the beach for KohTao's prisoners and fifty per cent of budget availible to access.


Koh Toa some of the local coconut and bright turquoise waters. Kho Koh Phangan. The most visited of the beach, Sairee Beachmost of the time have a scattering of sun worshippers but there's also less visited, more secluded bays and beaches. Their lives mainly consisted of harvesting coconuts, developing vegetables & fruit and of course nourishing themselves with fishing. In those days reaching Ko Taowas a treacherous boat ride from nearby islands or the mainland, if and when the weather and seas permitted, but the residents continued to grow progressively all the same, even when the simple life was hard and without a great deal of reward. And yes, you can still snorkel with sharks, and perhaps the odd turtle too, just check out our web site for all the local dive centres available.

Koh Toa some thing Koh Phangan. Unlike a diving quite plush. You can book for a wide range of Koh Tao for differnt kind of budget, availible to book online here. KohTao island is situated approximately 65 km east of the coastline inbetween Suratthani and Chumporn in the Gulf of island was not occupied, visited only by fishermen from nearby islands when on the lookout for a safe haven during heavy storms or when in need of clean water and food. It seems bizarre that such a tourist paradiseshould have been at first set up as a penal island. Strange, but true. From 1933 until 1947 the island housed political prisoners. Being nearly seventy km from the nearby mainland meant it was moderately escape proof! Alcatraz...piece of cake. Ko Taois surrounded by lots of Black Tip & Whale sharks too. This small island was still under Royal Patronage in those days, but it did not inhibit those fortune seekers from staking their claim. The very first generation of today's community started to settle when they brought their families to KoToa and began to farm and harvest the rich soil and natural resources on offer. In spite of it still being under Royal Patronage, plots of land were claimed, and cleared for coconut plantations. You can still see loads of confirmation of the massive plantations all over the island.

Koh Tao tourists can get to. On Kho island continued to grow firmly all the same, even when simple life was hard without much reward.