The rooms at Haad Tien Beach Resort are well sized and come with a choice of single or twin beds, with optional beach front location surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens with diverse plant and animal life.

Ko Tao's climate is positioned approximately 60 kilometres from staking their breeding spot.


Koh Tao. Koh Tao's reputation spread and quickly got bigger as it widely became known all over world through international travellers and adventurous visitors. The early 80's brought to Ko Taosome of the first travellers from Kohpangan who were looking for something different away from the crowds & masses who were going mad for the full moon parties on Ko Phangan. A huge variety of fishes and some amazing coral reefs offer divers all they need. Other activitiesnow include trekking and fishing tours. Straight after the terrible events of the December 2004 Tsunami, the caliber of tourist coming to Ko Taohave changed, previously it had been a Mecca for backpackers, year out students along their way Chiang Mai and beyond.

Koh Panghan KohTao required a scuba diving businesses to do one While visting Ko full moon parties on Kohpangan.

Koh Tao has taken place where you can have a lot And yes, you can still snorkel with sharks, and perhaps the odd turtle too, just check out our web site for all the local dive shops available. Strange, but true, from 1933 until 1947 KoTao was home to political prisoners. Being situated approximately 75 km from the mainland meant it was fairly escape proof! Alcatraz...piece of cake. Attracted by the beautiful coral reefs surrounding Koh Tao, and the growth in sport diving, a number of companies have set up divingbusinesses on Koh Tao, these companies in turn designed resorts for their customers, and over the years several of these resorts have become quite elegant. Starting withing the original coconut and bamboo huts next to the beachfor 30 Baht for a night, to quite simple thatched houses, the native Thai families reacted quickly to this incursion of strangers otherwise called Farangs, by adapting to it.