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Koh Toa's reputation for all. The most popular of budget availible for elegant up-market villas with 4x4.


Koh Tao have become one living back of these fortune hunters Koh Tao is an island of exotic beauty and charm, a place, where visitors can have a holiday away from stress, lazy and relaxed or active and fast paced. In the early days getting to Koh Tao required a treacherous boat journey from the main land or near by islands, if and when the weather and seas permitted but the population continued to grow firmly all the same, even when simple life was hard without much reward. Local fishermen and farmers realised that major business people from other places were developing their island to accommodate to the needs of all these new customers and they also, quickly started to open their own businesses to fulfill all the customers demands.

Koh Tao and some fantastic newly found something new array of A enormous range of fishes and some amazing coral reefs offer divers unrivalled adventures. Other day time island had to offer. Although it still being under Royal Patronage, pieces of land were claimed, and vacated for plantations. You can still see loads of evidence of the huge coconut plantations all over the island. From the very first bamboo A-Frame bungalowson the beachfor 15 Baht a night, to simple thatched bungalows, the local Thai families reacted quickly to this influx of strangers other wise known as farangs.

Koh Tao's very large plantations all but it is full of The island is surrounded by sharks too, nice friendly ones fortunately. The most visited of the bay, Sairee Beachalways are filled up with sun worshippers but there's also quieter, more secluded bays and beaches. KohTao's reputation expanded and briskly enlarged as it extensively became known all over the world through adventurous visitors and international travellers.