Nicely located, Haad Tien Beach Resort is very near the next village, also still directly on the beachfront.

A enormous variety of several of several of the population continued to open their breeding spot.Koh Tao was fairly escape proof!


Koh Phangan. Kho island next to famous Samui. Local farmers and fishermen realised that merchants from outside the island were expanding Ko Koh Tao. These enterprises in turn built accommodation for their clientele, and after a while many of these places transformed into quite plush. This was at the same time that the 1st settlers laid claim to a large part of land on what is now known as Sairee Beach.

Koh Tao now known all the last thirteen years the same The name KoTao means Turtle Island; some say that the name is due to the islands shape which is meant to look like an upside down turtle whilst other people say its from the days when the water surrounding Ko Koh Tao was their breeding ground. Surrounded by pure clear waters, Ko Taoevolved in the recent a divers favorite destination in Thailand. Kohtao has many popular things to do one being snorkeling at many of Kho Tao beaches.

Koh Tao tourists can find a holiday island paradise. In the begeining this tiny island was not inhabited, frequented only by fisherman from near by islands when looking for shelter during storms or when in need of fresh water and supplies. There is a wide range of Guesthouses and Koh Tao for every kind of budget, availible to book online provided by KohTao island is situated about 60 kilometres east of the coastline between Suratthani and Chumporn in the Gulf of Thailandand it is about 20 km in size - so small but not too small. Ko Tao's weather is during all seasons beautiful. Nice weather days and a refreshing ocean breeze nearly everyday. For the purists, end of December to late of March is the best holiday island weather.