There are many interesting things to see surrounding Haad Tien Beach Resort, not far from white sandy beaches with turquoise colored waters and many nature trails passing by unspoiled tropical jungles with lush vegetation.

Being almost 70 kilometres east of Sairee Beach.


Koh Tao offers many but not flip flops?! and budgets. Surrounded by pure clear waters, Ko Taoevolved in the recent a divers top destination in South Thailand. KoTao is surrounded by big sharks too, nice friendly ones fortunately. Local farmers and fishermen grasped that people from outside the island were developing Koh Tao to provide the needs of all these new visitors and they too without delay launched a businesses to satisfy all the visitors demands.

Koh Tao. Local fishermen and farmers saw that business people from outside Thailandwere building up Ko Taoto accommodate all these new clients and they too instantly began businesses to satisfy all the customers demands. Unlike a few years ago, guests can get now everything from inexpensive straightforward wooden huts with thatched roofs to graceful up-market villas with private facilities and swimming pool. Kho Taois fullof beautiful bays and waterfalls. Consequently, as its reputation for gorgeous nature, outstanding marinelife and beautiful landscapes grew, easier access was made available when better constructed were brought in to cope with the number of visitors being attracted to the island.

Koh Toa means Turtle island northeast of todays community started settling This was at the same time that the first settlers laid claim to a large part of land on what is now known as Sairee Beach. Ko Taooffers to the visitor undeveloped bays and jungle. The early 80's brought to KoTao some of the first visitors from KoPhangan who were looking for something new away from the crowds and masses who were going crazy for the fullmoon partyon KohPhangan. Here they found something more than just a new island to explore and soon the back packer network was energetic about the fantastic newly found island paradise. Mesmerised by the outstanding pure white beaches, the back of beyond aura, and of course the cheap living, backpackers soon arrived in droves. Departure and arrivals were on the local coconut boats, and even then hold-ups of several days were frequent. Back to the hammocks and a world of dreams; The boat comes another day . As a result, as its status for striking nature, unique marinelife and remarkable landscapes grew, easier access was obtainable when enhanced and safer boats were brought in to cope with the number of back-packers, being engrossed to the island.