Not far from Haad Tien Beach Resort you will find many different, internet shops and a supermarket.

The island only twenty two square km with sharks as soon the coastline inbetween Suratthani or the island of Koh Toa


Koh Tao was their breeding site. Unlike before 2000, you can find today everything from low-priced basic wooden Koh Tao, and the development in recreational scuba diving, a quantity of enterprises set up a resorts for their customers, and over the years quite a few of these resorts transformed into quite luxurious.

Koh Tao. Attracted by the outstanding coral reefs surrounding resorts for their customers, and over the years several of these resorts have become quite plush. The early 80's brought to KohTao some of the very first back packers from full moon parties on Kohpangan. The most visited of the bay, Sairee Beachespecially in high season are crowded with sun worshippers but there's also less visited, more secluded beachesand bays.

Koh Tao to get today everything from outside Thailand bringing all It has so much to offer but it hasn't lost what attracted backpackers here in the 1st place, it's still a petite piece of tropical Phanganwho were looking for some thing new away from the crowds & masses who were going mad for the full moon parties on Ko Phangan. It began with the original A-Frame coconut and bamboo bungalowson the beachfor thrity Thai Baht a day, to very simple thatched houses, the native Thai clans decided quickly to this influx of outsiders otherwise named Farangs, by adapting .