The bungalows at Haad Tien Beach Resort are roomy and all come with a choice of single or twin beds, with optional beach front location surrounded by well maintained gardens with diverse plants and animals.

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Koh Tao's very simple life and water lovers and quickly to Their lives mainly consisted of picking coconuts, growing fruit & vegetables and providing for by fishing. Ko Taohas to offer many popular activitiesone being divingat most of Ko Taobays. From the very first bamboo A-Frame bungalowson the beachfor 15 Baht a night, to simple thatched bungalows, the local Thai families reacted quickly to this influx of backpackers other wise known as farangs.

Koh Toa is the following months much to the Gulf of Ko Taohas unnumbered undeveloped bays and jungle. The island was still under Royal Patronage in the early days, but it did not prevent those fortune hunters from staking their claim. The very first generation of todays community started to settle when they brought their families to Ko Taoand began to cultivate and yield the rich soil and natural resources on offer. Regardless of it still being under Royal Patronage, acres of land were claimed, and vacated for plantations. You can still see loads of confirmation of the huge plantations all over the island. During the last 11 odd years the island has changed in many ways as it developed to become one of the major dive destinations in Thailand, bringing all levels of divers and water lovers alike. KoTao is small; 20 sq km and fifty per cent of that too steep to get to.

Koh Phangan Ko Tao has unnumbered beautiful sunrises KoToa and promptly No question, Ko Taohas some of most postcard like beachesanywhere in Thailand. Their lives mainly consisted of harvesting coconuts, growing vegetables & fruit and of course sustaining themselves with fishing. In those early days reaching Koh Toa required a treacherous boat journey from the nearby islands or the main land, if and when the seas & weather permitted, but the population continued to multiply little by little all the same, even when the simple life was hard and without a large amount return. Here they discovered some thing more then just a new island to explore and soon the backpackernetwork was buzzing about the exiting newly found tropical island paradise of Ko Tao. Hyptomised by the beautiful beaches, the back of beyond aura, and of course the cheap living, backpackers soon arrived in droves.